Jamisa Johnson

Jamisa Johnson is a self taught photographer, director and visual artist that's based in the state of Delaware. Her interest in photography begun in High School. After exploring photography she decided to start directing music videos in 2012 and that's when she really grew to love the art. She's shot over 30 music videos, a few soccer documentary, poetry visuals, commercials + more. She's looking to keep expanding her catalog even more being in a box was never her plans.

"The story of an ambitious amateur soccer team from Providence, Rhode Island, who captured the attention of the American soccer community on twitter through their forward thinking design sense and ambitious social media strategy. Non League America peeled back the layers to uncover the true story of Providence City's origins, their goals, and the community that they are building in Providence, Rhode Island around soccer. Non League America followed the club for a month through their league schedule including an intense game with their rivals, Brockton United FC and as the club got a unique chance to play a pair of friendlies against higher profile NPSL clubs, Hartford City FC and Kingston Stockade." - Steve Bayley